Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen
Space Fiction & the Archives, 2012
Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal
22.10.14 – 04.01.15

Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen’s research-based installation Space Fiction & the Archives, 2012, brings together archival documents, memorabilia, newspaper articles, photographic images, sculpture and the film 1967: A People Kind of Place. Recalling the seemingly absurd construction in 1967 of a UFO landing pad in St. Paul, Alberta, as part of Canada’s Centennial celebrations, Nguyen posits a relationship between science fiction and multiculturalism. Symbolically welcoming the world, including intergalactic beings, the landing pad serves as a vessel to address the implementation of immigration policies and the formation of multiculturalism as a foundation of Canadian identity.

The works presented here include the immigration policy point-base system of 1967 engraved on six black Plexiglas panels, an enlargement of an aerial photograph of St. Paul, which allows the viewer to locate the pad (and thus attest to its veracity), a light box depicting the landing pad, as well as the nineteen-minute film. Structured as an alien’s journey to earth, 1967 is a fictionalized audiovisual archive that seamlessly and evocatively combines news footage, home cinema and quotes from Buckminster Fuller, Marshall McLuhan and Richard Day as a way of critically questioning Canada’s conception of itself as a open and welcoming society.

Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen, Aerial View of St. Paul (flown 01-09-67), 2012, pigmented inkjet on archival media, 127 x 213 cm (courtesy of the artist)
Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen, Immigration Policy (point system), 2012, etched acrylic sheets, six panels: 61 x 46 x 0.5 cm each (courtesy of the artist)

Born in Montréal in 1979, Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen is a French-speaking Quebecer of Vietnamese origin currently living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. Nguyen completed the Whitney Independent Study Program, New York (2011) and obtained an MFA and a post-graduate diploma in Critical Studies at the Malmö Art Academy, Malmö, Sweden (2005). She has been awarded a number of distinguished grants for her research-based practice from the Canada Council for the Arts (2010-2013); The Banff Centre, Brenda and Jamie Mackie Fellowship for Visual Artists (2012); the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Program for Visual Arts (2009, 2010, 2013); and the Swedish Research and Development Fellowship in the Arts (2007).

Nguyen’s work has been shown internationally at institutions including A Space, Toronto (2014); Momenta Art, Brooklyn (2014); Kunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany (2013); Apexart, New York (2013); PAVED Arts, Saskatoon, SK (2013); Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Philadelphia (2011); Mason Gross Galleries, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (2011); Galerie Im Regierungsviertel, Berlin (2010); Gasworks, London (2010); and Pictura Gallery/Skanska Konstmuseum, Lund, Sweden (2009). In 2011 she was commissioned by CC Seven to produce a site-specific sound piece for the Woodland Cemetery, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Stockholm.


Interview - BNLMTL 2014

Space Fiction & the Archives (2012)