Fixing the Future

Part of Future Summit session


Marie-Pier Boucher
Joshua Johnson
Keith Tilford
Keller Easterling


Diann Bauer


Sunday, November 23


1 pm to 3 pm


Canadian Centre for Architecture


Free for Future Summit ticket holders


Fixing the Future (FtF) aims to provide useful alternatives for thinking the future again, and to do so as an imperative. FtF’s Future Summit panel will focus on cities as vast inhuman systems, complex beyond our casual powers of perception. We assert that what is needed is not the far-off vision of some city in the sky, nor a nostalgic return to the peasant idyll, but a way to connect the immanent life of the city-dweller with the abstract forces which govern her everyday possibilities. We will use this as a point of departure, asking the panel to address questions about how major cities now function, examine the forces that shape them as linked nodes of global capitalism, consider the transition from the ideals of the modernist city to their current reality, and speculate on possibilities of how they could function given these realities and their potential for repurposing.

Panel participants are Marie-Pier Boucher, Keller Easterling and FtF organizers Joshua Johnson and Keith Tilford. The panel will be moderated by Diann Bauer. In keeping with FtF’s overall mission, the aim of the panel is to examine the current conditions of urbanism and speculate constructively on how best to proceed into the future.

Fixing the Future is a New York City based platform for the organization of online seminars, live events and exhibitions. We avow the development of a political left “at ease with a modernity of abstraction, complexity, globality and technology” (Srnicek/Williams). It is our assertion that transdisciplinary collaboration can substantially contribute to this development. FTF is organized by Diann Bauer, Joshua Johnson, Suhail Malik, Mohammad Salemy and Keith Tilford.

Diann Bauer, detail from HBGB86, 2013, ink on paper ; Graphic design image: Diann Bauer 2014